Thank you for visiting our new and developing site to learn about the vision for the CORE Program. During the spring 2021 semester, I heard University and public school partners say that the University of Minnesota is in need of cohesiveness around recruiting, engaging, and retaining underserved populations in K-12 STEM programming on campus. Therefore, CORE is not a STEM program; instead, CORE purposes to ensure that historically excluded and marginalized students and their families know about the University’s STEM programs and are supported in identifying, enrolling, and fully participating in them.  

Here’s the BIG picture:

Using a cohort model (8th – 12th grade), CORE will develop a culturally relevant/responsive and holistic educational ecosystem that increases the likelihood that students will be knowledgeable of, become deeply interested in, and persist in STEM activities beginning in middle school through college matriculation and into professional careers. CORE will:

  • Recruit, educate & support middle school students from underrepresented groups to participate in existing and new STEM activities, events, and programming at the U of M
  • Engage and empower students and their families in college and career readiness programming via CORE’s Parent University @  the U of M
  • Provide college readiness programming with academic support, specifically designed to increase chances of college admission and success in STEM
  • Offer “STEMulating” exploration of, exposure to and immersion in STEM careers
  • Facilitate sustained mentoring from middle school through high school with college students and faculty to foster persistence in STEM
  • Collaborate and coordinate participation in existing STEM programming across the U of M (the basis of CORE’s STEM educational ecosystem)
  • Provide professional development and training for undergraduate and graduate students to serve as mentors

Into the fall, CORE continues learning from and collaborating with our local St. Paul and Minneapolis public school districts to understand and co-create programming that is intentionally accessible, culturally relevant, and engaging for the entire family. CORE programming officially kicks off in mid-October, and we will engage in respectful partnership in response to the real-time needs of our local communities, families, and students. 

Thank you for your interest in CORE.

Yours in service,

Audrey L. Breland
Community Outreach, Retention, and Engagement Program Director